Does Bradley Martyn Own a Gym? (5 Facts About Zoo Culture)

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Does Bradley Martyn Own a Gym

Bradley Martyn is a social media influencer who has made a name for himself in the online fitness world.

With millions of followers on his personal social media accounts, he’s become an inspiration to many who are looking to stay healthy.

But does Bradley Martyn own a gym?

It turns out that this fitness influencer may have more up his sleeve than just diet plans and fitness tips.

He is the co-founder and owner of a successful gym business too!

In this article, we’ll explore what I know about Bradley Martyn’s gym, Zoo Culture, and how it affects his career as a fitness influencer.

Introducing Bradley Martyn and His Fitness Career

Bradley Martyn was born in San Mateo along the San Francisco California peninsula.

While his older brothers preferred motorcycles, Bradley started to work out and build muscle at an early age.

He looked up to fitness people like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson who helped inspire him to love lifting weights.

He began his career as a personal trainer and started promoting his online coaching services to attract more attention to his business.

This eventually led him to gain millions of fans and create his own YouTube channel and later the Culture Cast podcast.

Bradley then used his platforms to launch numerous companies including RawGear (Apparel), and Origin Supplements to promote proper nutrition.

He even had a go at acting in the movie ‘Madea Halloween’.

On top of that Bradley has entered numerous bodybuilding competitions as a physique competitor.

Some of his noteworthy placings include being the NPC South California Champion and NPC Phil Heath Classic winner.

What Is Zoo Culture?

Zoo Culture is internationally recognized by Bradley Martyn who started the gym at the age of 27-28.

The club prides itself on its open and family-like atmosphere, with a range of equipment and support to suit all types of health goals.

It is also unique in that it has an animal-inspired theme, and you may even get lucky enough to see Bradley Martyn’s dog walking around the facility.

How Does It Fit Into the Fitness Industry?

Since the rise of the social media content creator and fitness guru era, openly recording at the gym is becoming increasingly popular.

However, around the country, many creators struggle to film content because their local gyms have rules against filming.

This is where the Zoo is known for being able to turn a small-time fitness trainer into a social media star.

Bradley and his staff turn away very few people who are trying to make it big, as long as they’re respectful of other members’ privacy.

5 Facts About the Zoo Culture Gym

1. Open 7 Days Per Week

The gym is open from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM on Monday through Friday.

Their Weekend hours are 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM, excluding holidays.

2. Sometimes Referred to As ‘Zoo’

Not to be confused with The Zoo Health Club, but if you check the official website you’ll notice some areas referring to Bradley’s gym as ‘Zoo’.

3. Three Membership Options

If you decide to try out the Zoo for yourself there are three memberships to choose from.

These include a day pass for $60, a yearly membership for $1,400, and a monthly plan of $120.

4. Zoo Gear Apparel

The Zoo is partnered with Bradley Martyn’s clothing company called RawGear, which sells custom apparel branded around his gym.

5. YouTube Channel Filming Grounds

Some of the top social media sensations frequently film fitness videos at the Zoo, such as the Nelk Boys, Isaiah Miranda, and Larry Wheels.

If you’ve ever seen a funny gym skit on your reels or shorts feed, chances are it may have been filmed at Bradley’s gym.

How Having a Gym Affects Bradley Martyn’s Career as an Influencer

Since opening his own gym, Bradley has accumulated even more success.

He’s turned his personal training and online fitness program business into a legacy that is often unheard of for a guy at such a young age.

Not to mention, he has earned a total of over 7.25 million fans between his personal Instagram and YouTube channels since the Zoo opened.

The best part is that any of his fans can get the chance to meet him in California if they can afford a day pass at the Zoo.

Ultimately, this helps create a stronger connection between him and his fan base.

FAQs About Bradley Martyn

Who Is the Owner of Zoo Culture Gym?

Online fitness coach and social media sensation Bradley Martyn is the owner of Zoo Culture.

Does Bradley Martyn Own RawGear?

Yes, Bradley Martyn owns RawGear.

When Did Bradley Martyn Open His Gym?

Bradley opened Zoo Culture in May 2017.

How Much Does Bradley Martyn Make a Year?

Bradley Martyn earns approximately $450,000 per year.

This explains how he’s able to afford such awesome luxury cars, an outdoor fireplace, a gaming room, and a swimming pool!

How Much Is Bradley Martyn Worth?

According to the Wealthy Genius, Bradley Martyn’s net worth is somewhere around $1 million dollars in 2022.

What Is Bradley Martyn Height and Weight?

Bradley Martyn is 6’3″ and weighs around 240 LBs.

What Is Bradley Martyn’s Age?

The date of birth for Bradley Martyn is May 22nd, 1989.

As of December 2022, he is 33 years old.

Who Is Bradley Martyn Dating?

It’s not really clear who Bradley Martyn is dating.

Although there are often rumors and speculation, he doesn’t post his dating or personal life on his social media.

However, he has stated in the past that “you won’t get girls simply by having muscles” and “maybe if the girl you are interested in likes your muscles, but you need a personality.”

Maybe this is a clue that he’s waiting for a girl that likes him for who he is, not just his body and fame.

That doesn’t mean he won’t have some flings along the way 😉

Check Out the Zoo if You’re in California!

Bradley Martyn has achieved tremendous success since opening his own gym, Zoo Culture.

All in all, I can see why so many people are drawn towards the charismatic training program expert turned social media star that he is.

If you’re a big fan of Bradley’s, you know that every day is arm day.

So be sure to check out the Body Spartan 1,000 rep arm workout!


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