5 Ultimate HIIT Thanksgiving Workouts To Burn the Turkey Off

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HIIT Thanksgiving Workout

Thanksgiving is a holiday for family, friends, and food. But it can also be a time for getting in some good exercise.

If you’re looking for a way to burn off some of those extra Thanksgiving meal calories, consider doing a HIIT Thanksgiving workout!

Below are 5 varied length workouts for you to try.

What Is HIIT and Why Should You Do It?

HIIT is an acronym for high-intensity interval training.

It’s a type of cardio workout that alternates between short bursts of high-intensity exercise and brief recovery periods.

HIIT is as effective, if not more effective, than traditional moderate-paced endurance training.

The reason HIIT works so well is that it taxes both your aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

This causes your body to continue burning calories long after you’ve finished your workout.

There are many reasons to start doing HIIT, but here are just a few:

  • HIIT is more effective than traditional cardio for weight loss.
  • Improves cardiovascular health.
  • Increases endurance.
  • Less time-consuming than traditional cardio.
  • It can be done anywhere, anytime.

5 HIIT Workouts for After Thanksgiving Day

During the holidays exercise is probably the last thing on your mind.

That’s why I have put together the following 5 quick, fun, and challenging thanksgiving workouts.

This way you can stay healthy without sacrificing precious family time.

1. The Turkey Blaster (25 Minutes)

The Turkey Blaster HIIT workout is the perfect way to not feel guilty about treating yourself on thanksgiving day.

Perform the following exercises for 2 minutes with 30 seconds rest in between until you reach 25 minutes.

  1. Jump Rope
  2. Push-ups
  3. High Knees
  4. Burpees
  5. Standing Dumbbell Curls
  6. Dumbbell Tricep Kick Backs

Equipment Needed: Jump Rope, Dumbbells

2. Thanksgiving Beast Mode (20 Minutes)

Now, this is a fun one. It’s gonna be 20 total minutes of complete movement. Yayyyyy!

Repeat each round until you get to 20 minutes.

  1. Lunge Jump: x15 each side
  2. Sit-ups with straight legs: x10
  3. Side Plank Raise: x15 on each side
  4. Dumbbell Chest Flyes: x20
  5. Jump Rope: x50

Modifications: take a 1-minute rest period at the 9-minute mark.

Equipment Needed: Dumbbells, Jump Rope

3. A Post-Thanksgiving Workout (15 Minutes)

If it’s Sunday night and you’re feeling antsy after the biggest feast of your life get your body moving with this workout.

Complete each round for 4 minutes then take a 1-minute break. Repeat until you reach 15 minutes.

  1. Jumping Jacks: x15
  2. Forward Box Jump: x10 (bend your knees slightly and jump forward onto the box or mat.)
  3. Feet elevated push-ups: x20
  4. Burpees: x10

Equipment Needed: High or low box (if you don’t have a box, set up a soft mat to leap forward onto.)

4. Thanksgiving Feast Burner (10 Minutes)

This is another non-stop HIIT workout with the goal of doing two rounds within 10 minutes.

Complete each exercise for 45 seconds with a 15-second break before starting the next one.

  1. Mountain Climbers
  2. Plank: focus on engaging your core
  3. Burpees
  4. Alternating Reverse Lunge
  5. High Knees
  6. Repeat

5. Monday Quicky (5 Minutes)

If you’re short on time because you gotta bring the kids to school, give the Monday Quicky a try.

It’s the perfect way to get your metabolism and heart rate fired up after Sunday dinner.

For this one perform as many rounds as you can until the 5 minutes is up, try to keep your body moving the whole time.

  1. Jumping Jacks: x20
  2. Lunge Jump: x20 each leg
  3. Mountain Climbers: x20 each leg
  4. Plank to Push-up: x10

The Benefits of HIIT

High-Intensity Interval Training is a great way to get in shape without spending all day in the gym. You work hard for a short period, and then you rest.

Some of the benefits include:

  • You’ll burn more calories in less time.
  • Lose weight quickly with consistency and good nutrition
  • HIIT is a great way to improve your cardiovascular fitness and heart health.
  • You’ll be able to push yourself harder than ever before.
  • The feeling of accomplishment after completing a HIIT session is unbeatable.
  • Improves muscle tone in your arms, legs, back, and chest.
  • An inexpensive way to get an amazing workout.
  • Better control over blood sugar levels.

How To Do a HIIT Workout

To do a basic HIIT workout, start by warming up for five to 10 minutes.

Then, do one minute of high-intensity exercise, such as sprinting, jumping rope, or cycling at a high intensity.

Follow that with 30 seconds of recovery, such as walking or jogging.

Repeat this cycle for 20 minutes.

Finish with a five-minute cooldown.

Tips for Sticking With Your HIIT Routine

1. Make sure your routine is challenging enough. If it’s not challenging, you’re less likely to stick with it.

2. Vary your routine. This will help keep things interesting and prevent boredom.

3. Find a friend or group to do HIIT with. This can make the experience more fun and motivate you.

4. Make sure you’re well-rested before starting your routine. Exercising when you’re tired can lead to frustration and decreased motivation.

5. Celebrate each accomplishment, no matter how small. This will help keep you motivated and on track week after week.

6. Wear the right shoes to help you perform at your best and avoid injury.

Stay Healthy With a HIIT Thanksgiving Workout!

While we all love to indulge in our favorite Thanksgiving dishes, by the end of the day many of us are feeling pretty stuffed.

This year, why not try one (or all!) of these 5 ultimate HIIT Thanksgiving workouts to help burn off some of those extra calories?

These high-intensity interval training exercises will get your heart rate up and help you blast away those pesky holiday pounds in no time.

So what are you waiting for? Get moving!

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Eric De Cremer
Eric De Cremer

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