IFBB Meaning In Bodybuilding: Professional Level

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IFBB Meaning in Bodybuilding

The IFBB meaning is the acronym for the International Federation Of Bodybuilding and Fitness.

It is a not-for-profit, sports governing body.

They hold bodybuilding competitions for athletes who compete within their affiliated federations worldwide.

You can’t register as an IFBB athlete directly.

To enter their competitions you must be an athlete under one of their affiliated IFBB federations.

Granted if you become an IFBB Pro you will then become a part of their pro league.

If you’re interested in competing as an IFBB-affiliated athlete and want to learn more about what the IFBB stands for and entails, read on.

Types Of Athletes (IFBB Meaning)

The IFBB league has three levels of athletes within their amateur rankings.

Here are the competition categories included within each level as of 2022:

  • Level 1
    • Bodybuilding
    • Bikini
    • Men’s Physique
  • Level 2
    • Classic Bodybuilding
    • Classic Physique
    • Bodyfitness
    • Wellness
  • Level 3
    • Women Physique
    • Women Fitness

Each competition is scored using a point-based ranking system.

The top six competitors in each category may also receive prize money.

Seeing as how physically demanding being an IFBB athlete is.

These prize money awards are a great incentive for competitors!

Especially when the cost of preparing and paying to compete in one of these shows is factored into the equation.

It can become pricy.

These prize money awards range from $400 to $6,000 depending on the category and placing.

Having these separate categories allows people of different fitness levels to have a chance to compete against others of similar size and body structure.

Each category has a specific look that the competition judges are looking for.

So being able to find the category that fits your body type, size, and goals is important.

How To Become An IFBB Athlete

The IFBB supports 175 countries worldwide.

To become an athlete you must register with the IFBB-affiliated Federation within your country.

After you do this you can work with your affiliated federation to register for IFBB events that you qualify for.

As an example, if you’re in the U.S. you can register as an NPC competitor.

This would then grant you access to IFBB shows that you meet the qualifications for entry.

Once you become an athlete of an affiliated federation you can sign up for competitions on the IFBB registration page.

You will also be prompted to pay a fee to compete in the chosen competition.

Be sure to choose the competition and class that you believe you will do best in.

Some classes go by weight and others go by height.

The class you decide to compete in successfully will depend upon your size and structure.

There are even classes based on age.

All IFBB athletes start in the amateur division.

If you become a top-level performer you may have the opportunity to advance to the IFBB Pro league.

To become an IFBB Pro you must first win or place well in a regional show.

Then from there, you will advance to nationals.

If you do well in nationals the opportunity to compete in the battle of the best in the amateur league may arise.

This is the final competition on your path to becoming a part of the IFBB Pro League.

If you reign victorious, you will be granted your IFBB Pro card.

IFBB Affiliation

If you’re interested in becoming an affiliate of the IFBB you can check out their affiliate page.

The fee is 500 Eur and once you click the picture you will be prompted to the PayPal website.

What Does IFBB Stand For (Morally)

The IFBB stands for International Federation Of Bodybuilding.

However, what the IFBB stands for in terms of morals is something to be noted.

They are an anti-doping federation.

Health, lively hood, and fairness among their athletes seem to be of high priority to them.

Here is a list of supplements that are prohibited from being used by an IFBB athlete.

Anyone caught using one of these banned substances may be deemed ineligible from competing within the IFBB for a certain time frame.

The IFBB: Origin Story

The IFBB was founded in 1946 by two brothers, Ben and Joe Weider.

You could say that these brothers are responsible for revealing one of the biggest action movie stars that this world has ever known.

A man by the name of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold is considered the GOAT of bodybuilding by many.

Specifically for his time presenting the IFBB Pro League as an athlete.

He is a 7x winner of the Mr. Olympia competition, which is arguably the biggest bodybuilding show in the world.

It’s held once a year in the U.S.

Athletes and fans come from around the globe to watch this weekend event take place.

Although Arnold wasn’t the first Mr. Olympia he is probably the most memorable and a big reason that the sport of bodybuilding has gained the amount of popularity that it has today.

It’s important to note that without the initial creation and marketing of the IFBB and Mr. Olympia from the Weider brothers.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and bodybuilding may have never lived up to the hype that they currently have.

Thank you, Joe and Ben Weider, for making the sport we love what it is today!

Good luck On Your Journey!

If your goal is to compete within the IFBB just know that it won’t come easy.

It will require dedication, sacrifice, and discipline.

I wish you great luck on your journey toward becoming an IFBB Athlete.

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Stay Wild!

Eric De Cremer
Eric De Cremer

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